Competition Day 2014

New Zealand Textile Fishing Competition - Year 2014 

Competition winners are:

Heaviest Snapper - Mens
First place Snapper Overall - Mike Petherick, Team Charles Parsons, 5.41kgs (Charterboat Trekker11)

Second place Snapper - Paul Mill, Team Texus Fibre, 2.04kgs
Third place snapper - Dave Wilson, Team Danske Mobler, 1.7kgs
Fourth place snapper - Vince Taylor, Team Window Ware, 1.56kgs
Fifth place snapper - Joal Sampson, Team Charles Parsons, 1.34kgs
Sixth place snapper - Mike Clifton, Hawkins Interiors, 1.28kgs

Heaviest Snapper - Womens
First place snapper - Charleen, Team Charles Parsons/EJP Furniture, 2.33kgs
Second place snapper - Heather Turnball, Team Danske Mobler, 1.81kgs
Third place snapper - Raewin, Team Danske Mobler, 1.51kgs
Fourth place snapper - Jocelyn, Team Chris Barlowe Textiles, 1.169kgs
Fifth place snapper - Steph, Team WindowWare 1.08kgs

Heaviest Kahawai
First place - James Katte, Team Warwick Fabrics, 2.48kgs
Second place - Kal,Team Oceanbridge, 2.36kgs
Third place - Dereck, Team JMT, 2.26kgs
Fourth place - Angus Dawson, Team Cucchi, 2.15kgs
Fifth place - Tony Beach, Team Warwick Fabrics, 2.06kgs

Heaviest John Dory
First place - Niel, Team Oceanbridge, 1.15kgs

Heaviest Gurnard
First place - Andy Grinder, Team Window Ware, 0.46kgs

Heaviest Other Fish
First place - Hans, ToBen Decorating, Caught a Leather-Jacket, 0.42kgs

Overall Team Boat prize 
Winner - Charles Parsons

Craziest, Loudest Shirt Of The Day
Winner - Fluer , Representing Team Peter Le Hood

Hard Luck Story Of The Day
Winner- Tina Grant, Charles Parsons



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